Driver Tip Suggested ($20-40 Each Way)

Terms & Restrictions apply.

Subject to Availability. No Monetary value.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Our Courtesy Limo is FREE (Excluding suggested $20 Tip to the Driver each Way) therefore it is subject to last minute cancellation or changes due to scheduling or vehicle maintenance. In rare case of cancellation, the couple is responsible to arrange their own pickup at no cost to the chapel. Chapel does not guarantee future availability beyond 2 weeks at a time. Please contact the chapel 2 weeks prior your reservation to request the limo and availability. If requested during reservation, a wedding coordinator will contact you to confirm its availability. You can call the chapel directly to request the service aswell. This service has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged or refunded under any circumstance. By Reserving our Limo you agree on our Limo Terms & Conditions.

Our Limos are a whole new level of fun and excitement for passengers, especially because they provide added space and amenities that make them highly sought after when it comes to large parties and weddings. By Requesting our Courtesy Limo Service or Paid Limo Service thru our Partners you are accepting our Terms & Conditions which are non negotiable and final.

Our Wedding Coordinators are available by phone 7 days a week; 10am to 8pm. Call us at  (702) 418-2994 or if you are local pass by us.

Our Monster Courtesy Limo Terms & Policy:

 By Scheduling a Courtesy Limo Pickup you are accepting the following. This Service is provided to only our Brides and Grooms with their Guests. Either the Bride or Groom must be in the Limo during the pickup or drop. 

01. Monster Limo Capacity

Monster Limo holds up to 10 Passengers excluding Driver and Chapel Employees. It is prohibited to request to add more passengers during pickup from the Driver. Driver has the right to terminate the ride in case of additional passengers.

02. Limo Driver

Our Drivers are in-charge of the Limos and Passengers safety. Please follow their instructions carefully at all times.

03. Movement

Minimize movement. Passengers are encouraged to remain seated and use safety belts (if available) while the vehicle is moving. For the safety of passengers, this should will be enforced at all times to protect the passengers from any accidents or hard stops.


04. No Monetary Value

This Service is provided as a courtesy and for a limited time only (subject to change without notice). There is no monetary value to this service therefore it cannot be exchanged or refunded. We has the right to refuse service to anyone as per NV State law. We will do our best to confirm all Limo rides however they cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen mechanical problems or scheduling restrictions. 

05. Confirming The Limo Ride

It is the Couples responsibility to contact the chapel 24 hours prior their ceremony to confirm their pickup / location and provide their hotel room number to be used by the driver. In the case we do not hear from the couple 24 hours prior the ceremony their Limo service will be cancelled.

06. Pickup Time

All our pickups are to be scheduled 1 hour prior the confirmed ceremony time. Driver will only wait 5 minutes past scheduled pickup. It will be the responsibility of the passengers to organized their own pickup in case missing the scheduled time or due to unforeseen mechanical problems. Driver will contact the couple approx. 15 min prior the pickup time to confirm which hotel entrance they will be picked up from.

07. Private Ride

Our Courtesy Limo service is not guaranteed to be private. We might pickup or drop other couples on the same route. If you would like to confirm a private limo pickup we can assist you with a price quote thru our Limo Company partners. please contact chapel for info (Approx. $100 one way).

08. Gratuity & Tips

We highly encourage to Tip your drivers per ride for their hard work and excellent service. The recommended Tip is a minimum of $20 per ride. You are welcome to offer more for their services ($20-80).

09. Requesting Courtesy Limo Service

We highly encourage to reserve your courtesy limo service as soon as possible to confirm availability. No last minute requests can be granted. All requests must be submitted to the Chapel no later then 72 hours of confirmed date and time for confirmation.

10. Wedding Packages: Failure to notify the chapel representative about the event of cancellation or rescheduling of the Limo Service may result in adjustments to your reservation prior the service, to reflect the extra fees.

11. Drugs

NO ILLEGAL DRUGS CAN BE CARRIED OR USED IN OUR VEHICLES. If any illegal activity takes place inside the vehicle, the chauffeur may terminate the trip with no refunds and has the obligation to call the police.

12. Smoking

SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN OUR VEHICLES (INCLUDING E-VAPE & MARIJUANA PRODUCTS). Failure to comply will result in a $200 Fee and the chauffeur may terminate the trip with no refunds.  A minimum $200 cleanup fee will be applied if smoking occurs in one of our vehicles.

NO UNDERAGE DRINKING OR POSSESSION OF ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED. In case this occurs, the chauffeur may terminate the trip with no refunds and the minors will be dropped off in a safe location.

13. Cleaning Fee

A $200 cleanup fee will be applied if smoking ,food or liquid damage incur in our vehicles. No Confetti or Rice are permitted inside our vehicles.No Exemptions.

14. Food & Drinks

At no time it is allowed to consume food or drinks inside our Limo (Including Alcohol). You will be asked to leave the Limo in case of not following the driver instructions. 


15. Product Descriptions

We attempt to make our product descriptions as accurate as possible. However, we do not warrant that the product descriptions accuracy. Limo description might change and no special requests will be granted for Courtesy Services. 

16. Pickup Restrictions

Our Limos are limited to Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas areas only. We do not provide any pickups south of Mandalay Bay Hotel or off the Las Vegas Strip. 

17. From Point A to B Pickup/Drop off.

We only provide pickups and drop off from point A to point B. It is prohibited to have multiple stops or pickups/drop offs. 

18. Music & Noise.

We ask you to be respectful to others and keep the music and noise level down. At no time it is permitted to have the Music or Noise level High. Repeated offenders will have their Courtesy Limo Service Terminated right away. 

19. Requesting Both Pickup & Drop

You are required to request either one or both from the Chapel during your reservation (Subject to Availability)

20. Items Left Behind

We Are Not Responsible For Any Personal Belongings Left Behind. It is the passengers responsibility to check before leaving the vehicle.

21. Courtesy Limo Route

We only pickup from the Following Hotels due to the size of our Monster Limo: (No Exceptions)


Las Vegas Strip:

 Stratosphere, Circus, SLS, Westgate LV, Trump, Encore, Wynn, TI, Mirage, Venetian, Ballys, Planet hollywood, MGM, Tropicana, Hooters, Luxor, Excalibur, NY NY, Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Caesars, Rio, Palms, Gold Coast, Orleans & Aria.


Golden Nuggets, Four Queens, The D Hotel, Downtown Grand, El Cortez.

We have the right to refuse service or cancel any courtesy service without prior notice. This is a limited time courtesy service therefore we ask all our customers to respect our Drivers and Employees at all time. Any Paid Limo Service or service included in a paid package will be confirmed and guaranteed as priority and customers will be notified for changes accordingly.


For any Paid Limo Services you are required to follow our Limo Partners Rules & Regulations. Please contact them for information. We will assist you with the reservation however all services will be rendered by the Provider and not by us.

01. Paid Limo Services.

All Paid Limo Services are Final. No Refunds or Changes are permitted (fees may apply).

02. No Show or Cancellation

All Fees will be required to be paid in full.